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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Offshore company formation in dubai

SME Consultant are offshore entities incorporation specialists. Established since 2002 in UAE and in London since 1998. We strictly follow international code of professional conduct. We are the authorized registered agents with the Government of Dubai and Ras Al Kahima for the incorporation of offshore companies. We undertake company setup in all offshore jurisdictions Advantages of An Offshore Company Provides confidentiality over financial affairs and allows wealth growth without intrusion. Preferred structure to achieve anonymity and privacy. Limited liability. Eliminate or minimization of capital gains. Accounting or auditing not mandatory. If you have any other business setup requirement in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al khaima and Sharjah please call one of our Specialist Consultants on +9714 3419701 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +9714 3419701 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or arrange a free, non obligation one to one consultation. For your convenience rapid response email service is available. E-mail Now Our offices are open in UAE from 9am to 8pm local time. Commonly Asked Questions about Offshore Company What is a Tax Free Jurisdiction? 50 years ago special legal financial system created by Monaco, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Panama, Hong Kong and Switzerland. BVI joined. Allows wealthy individuals to move their wealth, or at least part of it, out-with their home country where they were being taxed. The wealthy benefited from low taxes and financial privacy. Nowadays, anyone can use and benefit from this system. The term 'offshore' is now recognized widely in most sectors of the economy. Companies and individuals take advantage of the seclusion of wealth. Very low or no tax burdens are levied. International business can be less complicated allowing profitability to increase. What is an Offshore Company? It is a company which does not conduct substantial business in its country of incorporation. It is formulated in a tax free jurisdiction. It legally minimizes any type of tax burdens. It improves one's wealth management. What is an Offshore Company? It is a company which does not conduct substantial business in its country of incorporation. It is formulated in a tax free jurisdiction. It legally minimizes any type of tax burdens. It improves one's wealth management. Why Offshore? Large numbers of High Net worth Individuals and corporations are taking steps to incorporate overseas. Away from the area of their main business transactions. To Save Tax An offshore company can form part of an overall taxation reduction strategy for certain individuals or entities. Combined with an offshore bank account or trust, for example, an offshore company can save an individual or company tax. If an offshore company is set up in a low/no tax area then profits can be realized in a tax efficient way increasing profitability. Favorable Local Legislation Relating to Reporting The amount of company information and accounting data that needs to be submitted and held on file is far reduced in the majority of offshore centers which goes hand in hand making an offshore company that much easier to manage and run. Offshore Asset Protection An offshore company is the perfect entity for enabling individuals to achieve asset protection offshore. Assets can be owned by the company rather than directly by an individual, and the company can be placed in trust, for example. Achieve a higher level of anonymity A number of overseas centers offer the option of having nominee directors for the establishment of a company. Others also keep the names of Directors and Shareholders off public record. Those who transact through such a company can keep their affairs private. Greater Ease of Operation Many locally incorporated offshore centers make it very easy for companies to trade. Offshore companies cannot carry out any transactions locally if they are involved in the banking or financial sectors, for example. The banking and financial sectors require specific licenses and much greater regulation. An offshore company can be far easier to manage than an onshore one. Offshore Jurisdictions (Total 25) Andorra Anguilla The Bahamas Barbados Belize Bermuda The British Virgin Islands (BVI) The Cayman Islands The Cook Islands Costa Rica Cyprus Dubai Eastern Europe Gibraltar Guernsey/Jersey Hong Kong Ireland Isle of Man Liechtenstein Malta Monaco Panama Singapore St Kitts and Nevis Switzerland Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) Contact for any assistance regarding the same: Faisal Ibrahim Mobile: 971 55 2419200 SME consultant A Division of Paralegal Services International Suite No. 11 & 12, The Iridium, Al Barsha, P.O.Box: 183827, Dubai, U.A.E. Fax: 971 4 341 9702 Mobile: 971 55 2419200 Email : Web: ISO 9001:2008 NO: ME/08/1147 Paralegal Services International trading as ADAM advisors


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