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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dubai residents are extremely happy: survey

Residents in Dubai are extremely happy, a new survey has revealed, UAE newspaper Gulf News reported on Tuesday.
The average happiness quotient amongst Dubai residents stands at 7.9 on a scale of 0 to 10, according to the report.
The survey conducted by the Community Development Authority (CDA) included around 20,000 Emiratis as well as expatriates, the report said.
Emiratis had the highest satisfaction average at 8.3, followed by Western expatriates at 8, Arab expatriates at 7.9 and Asians at 7.8.
The results of the CDA survey, which measured satisfaction levels of the residents about their lives in Dubai, social cohesion and national identity, will be sent to various sectors to further improve community service standards in the Gulf emirate, the paper reported, citing Khalid Al Kamda, Director General of CDA.
“We will be sending reports to different authorities regarding their section on what needs to be done and what the indicators are showing. The areas of concern would be reviewed and after six months we will find the progress,” the Al Kamda told Gulf News.
The survey, which also included 500 individuals from labour communities, found that the majority of residents feel they are secure financially and their human rights are protected.
“We found that people feel they are not discriminated against, they are safe, they are protected, the laws are made to protect all, and were happier in terms of work issues as well. They compared all of this to their home countries and many of them would prefer to live in Dubai,” Al Kamda was quoted as saying.
However, the survey showed that satisfaction levels were not as high when it came to social services.
The percentage of people who utilised services in the social sector was 67 per cent for human rights, 48.4 per cent for educational services and 33.9 for inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce.
According to the survey, Emiratis were the highest takers of loans at 36.8 per cent. Western expats were the second highest borrowing individuals, followed by Arab and Asian expatriates, the Gulf News report added.

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