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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Set up a company in Hamarriya free zone



Adam Consulting is a midsized global management consulting firm with a broad range of expertise in business start up, intellectual property, hospitality, logistics and transportation, trade advisory, mining and Information Communication Technology. We are the trusted advisors to global businesses and governments across many continents.
Adam Consulting is a talent nurturing organization developing intellectual capability of its stakeholders to their full potential. Our exceptional consulting talent pool enable us to creates insights from our vast knowledge base and industry expertise. These insights deliver exceptional value to our clients.
We aim to provide professional service to our clients globally to exceed their expectations at all times by adhering to our core values of Transparency, Honesty, Respect, Integrity and Speed with accuracy. 

Our specialist consultants are with you every step of the way from new business idea creation, idea capture and concept testing to concept validation. Once engaged your business consultant will conduct market research to establish business feasibility, will prepare a detailed business plan and financial projections for your business. 
Our qualified lawyers specializing in local company law are available to each of our consulting offices globally. Our specialist lawyers are consulted to create most appropriate legal structure for your business and company registration to fully meets your business' specific requirements. You will be guided on the merits of offshore structures to mitigate tax liabilities and to put assets beyond the reach of prying eyes while protecting your anonymity.
As vertically integrated providers of corporate services we can assist you beyond just company incorporation Our outsource consultancy specialists can guide you to outsource all you non-core processes and functions to reduce expense and improve productivity. This will allow you to remain focus on your core income generation activity

The Range of Services we are offering

·         Market research and analysis

·         Business Feasibility studies

·         Business set up services , UAE, Europe , Asia , Africa

·         Offshore Company formation & management worldwide

·         Offshore Bank Account opening

·         Offshore Asset Protection Trusts & Foundations

·         Trusteeship and Foundation council provision

·         Trademark Registration, Renewal and Amendments

·         Trademark Protection

·         Information Communication Technology

·         Payroll and Accounting

·         Secretarial Services

·         Document Clearing

·         Temporary Employees

·         Virtual office

·         Virtual Staffing

·         Market Research & Sector Analysis

·         Market Entry Strategies

·         Competitive Analysis

·         International marketing plan development

·         Import Export Process Consulting

·         International Trade Terms & Transactions

·         Develop Export Compliance Manual, Policies, Procedures and Training

·         Distribution Channel Development

·         Global Manufacturing

·         Foreign Partnership Programs, Networks & Joint Ventures

·         Finance Assistance

·         Government Liaisons

·         Foreign Direct Investment Opportunities

·         Trade Mission organization

·         Shipping & Logistics Advice

·         Training & Coaching for International Trade, Export-Import Business

·         Shipment documentations & Customs Clearance

·         Technology Transfer

·         Immigration Visa Processing

·         Sales , Marketing & Advertising

·         Public Relations

·         Customer Services

·         Trademark Classification, Selection and Additional Inclusions

·         Patent Registration and Patent Protection

·         Patent Renewal

·         Web Domain Name Purchase and Renewal including .ae

·         Web Domain Name Trademark Registration and Renewal

·         Design Registration and Protection

·         Copyright Registration

·         Copyright Protection

·         Infringement and Anti-Counterfeiting Consultancy

·         Business plan generation

·         Technical advice

·         Expert witness

·         Profit and economic models

·         Agribusiness bench marking

·         Agribusiness surveys

·         Agribusiness strategy

·         Agribusiness monitoring and evaluation

·         Policy development

·         Project implementation

·         Impact assessment and evaluation

.         Jafza PRO Service, Jabel ali free zone PRO Service

.         DMCC JLT PRO Service

.        Unblock your Ministry of labour file of your company



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dafz ae said...

Thanks for the sharing of such information. we will pass it on to our readers. This is a great reading. Thanking you.

Setting Up Business In Dubai

Muhammad said...

The free zones are most favorable locations in the Middle East for international investors, as there is no tax and it allows 100% foreign ownership and customs privileges. For freezone business setup in Dubai, the business owners have to go through various legal procedures and documents processing. So it is highly recommended to hire the services of an experienced business consultant.

mughalbaba said...

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david tot said...

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