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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Warrior in You

hi all
This is my dev, he is everything for me.He is my best friend in MBA studies and my college life and life ever i got, He is the person designed my life,But now he is not here, he given me some task to 'Do' and faded away.i dont where he is but i'm sure he is happy because i'm changing people thoughts to success .. i can feel he is happy....... but his dreams alive in me that why im a lion when im training. i love you dev..... my life and all program is dedicating to you..........
its a begning of my era, here im starting a thinking and sientific study about human minds.
all can do it anything what they desire, but the desire should be created from the heart, if you emotions never going to down your brain and thoughts u are on the right track
i'm going to tell about storry of little frog lived in mud and he has the desire of jumping top of the hill.lets see what gonna happen, here im going to discuss about the human minds and their thoughts
there is saying....
"little frog in the mud dont think about jumping top of the hill"
but i says he can think
he can jump
here you read...

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