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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why we walking alone if the people are there to dance together

Hi all
I hope your all have seen the TATADocomo new advertising. It was pretty interesting, tune is excellent when I was sitting in cabin today I heard some one was singing from other cabins there I understood its I already reached the hearts. I hope when you are reading this, you also might remember the add, as usual I also seen this but I when my college sang that I recollected the situation of that particular advertising. It was absolutely perfect but the theme made me to think. People are not celebrating and every one have their own life to look after. No one doesn’t have time and no one doesn’t have interest to accompanied with others and celebrate life. That advertising given a lot of happiness to me because I’m passionate about my country. I really thought about” if my India and my my Indians live like this” oh it’s really chilling days if its comes true. Then I thought if we want reach the particular life style as a citizen of India what I can do for that. I gone through many ways of thoughts but I really was not able to reach any conclusion, everything’s ending with a question mark???How??? Faisal its not practical as you think. Its not matter of one or two people it’s a matter of one billion people, but what to say I given my blog name as “warrior” I cannot just keep my leg back i believe, I writes and I have to do it
Whatever that’s what I want share you all. Might you also got little happiness when u have seen that add. And you also might thought we are living such bad condition. So here questions being repeated ‘how we can make happiness in people life and create harmony’
I’m going to talk about ‘redesigning your life’ or our life. As I’m a life designer that’s what exactly I have to do and I want start from the youth because there only all potential and opportunities of success lies. It’s time rethink and recreates our life!
As you are part universe you have some responsibilities. What is that???
That I called ethics of life
Every one have their own ethics, as a human being or I can say as I Indian as and even we can add because of religion. But why it’s not working, why its not practicable in front of people. Each one of you should open your eyes. The reason behind I open a blog named the warrior in you’ is that only the patriotism or the commitment towards the nation. People don’t have passion and every one is behind money. We do need money but why can’t you add one word between that. “Humanity” so I’m concluding my few words with telling you all comes toward to lead our beautiful and dynamic country. The battle I exchanged to you, journey begins……….

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