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Friday, November 6, 2009

You Tell What Happened To You With In One Hour

hi alll

Express your self after miracle "one" hour called TURNING POINT"

Turning point is a Training session that i designed and delivered in all over my company{bm consulting} corporate levels.I delivered training in front of 320 professionals including corporates,Lawyers,Professors,Doctors,Managers,College students,Business Men and Women,Executives,Employees,Actors,House wife's,Event managers,Trainers and many more. i designed this training program for making people aware about "What They Are" What The Potential They Have" . its became very successful and now i want to reach hundreds of people through my blog, so I'm expecting every one (those who attend my short training program)will write some thing on my comment box. what ever you feel can write,Especially can you write few word about "What Changes in You After One Hour"


Rajshree said...
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Rajshree said...

Hello sir....this is Rajshree Deshpande from thane branch...I attended ur session today ie., 7th nov...sir u r ur words ur r an ANGEL...thankyou so much for giving such a marvellous session..I wish that our classes conduct ur session aleast once a week...From today I have started writing the book as suggested by u " MY DREAMS " and 20 words daily..whenever I meet u next I'll surely show u my book...!!!
I'm waiting eagarly to attend ur next session..!!

Nilambari said...

Hi Faisal, the session is really a turning point. The video in which the man who stammers but still struggle & achieve the success was very inspiring. After attending yours one are session now I am very much happy & positive.


Hi all,
This is Faisal
Thanks for your all comments, but when you’re posting your comments please mention what you are doing. Like:I’m a professional/students/ corporate/ house what ever it is. Please add that

Like my name Nilambari {working in Airtel}

And my next training details {dates and time} you'll get from my site only. So visit my blog some time, for my next session called "Discover The Diamond in You”. Only few of them will get select from each [BM] branches {out of 120 only 50}. so all of you take very serious and prove your self and get ready to succeed.
Thank you
Mohammed Faisal Ibrahim

jitesh said...

hi, iam jitesh modi. i m working in textile. it was a good expiriencs in your session l realy enjoyed.thanks for it. i m from dadar branch.

san said...

it was very nice, i touched my heart, i came to know that i can do anything what i want. i am struggling since last 4 year about "English" talking but i dispoint every time if i understand i can'nt speak. but now i assure that i can
thanks sir
i will come to you again..
its not end up..

this is sandeep

muna said...

Hello sir....this is hemant maharana from thane branch...I attended ur last class ie., 15th nov...sir u r great.thank you so much for giving such a greatfull way.I wish that our classes conduct ur session aleast once a week.if give me chance attained on saturday at andheri branch so i think so batter,nowI have started writing the book as suggested by u and 20 words daily,and i can do do do do then i will touch sun,

VISHAKHA said...

Hello Fais !! This is Vishakha from "Express" Training Session. I attended your two sessions and i am feeling energetic. This helped me to change my way of viewing and analysing things positively. I started planning my dreams and goals in timely manner. I liked the 90/10 principle the most...and your presentation explained it to my heart. Before these sessions, i used to get fed-up of attending the next training session but here i am eagarly waiting for the blast!!!!!! Thanks a billion for changing our thoughts...

vikas said...

Hello sir
This vikas from "EXPRESS YOURSELF". I am preparing for MBA this year.
I attended your last session I come to know that We are so fortunate that we are getting all the things but we were not ready to change ourself but yes now I realised that we are hear to do something better!
I like your style of expressing thoughts and I want to grasp it! and I like that 90/10 principle and I am going to apply it! Thank you for such wonderful blessings.....!

kunalrocks said...

hi sir,
I attend 2 session of "EXPRESS"
it was awesome before this session use to waste lot of time now i with help of express i do time mangement we should alawys have positive attitude
we should belive our friend
90/10 principle was to good