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Monday, February 20, 2012

Business srt up in Dubai Airport Free Zone

Dubai Airport Free Zone


General Information
Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) was established in 1996 as a part of the Dubai Government’s strategic plan to be an investment driven economy. DAFZA is one of the fastest growing free zones in the region and is currently home to over 1300 companies from various industry sectors, including aviation industry, pharmaceutical products, logistics & freight, jewelry, IT and mobile phones accessories.
International investors can enjoy dynamic growth through DAFZA’s excellent incentive packages including 100% tax exemption, 100% foreign ownership and no currency restrictions. Located strategically within the boundaries of Dubai International Airport, DAFZA offers a range of modern facilities with a state-of-the art infrastructure.
Dubai Airport Free Zone is located in the emirate of Dubai, which has rapidly risen to the proud position of being the business and commercial hub of the Gulf and Middle East. Dubai has established a position of leadership in the economic development of the region. Moreover, Dubai's strategic location offers access to developing markets with over 1.5 billion consumers - encompassing the member states of the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC), other Arab countries, the Asian subcontinent, parts of Africa and Europe, and countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
Service providers
One of DAFZA's strengths lies in its location within the boundaries of Dubai International Airport, one of the fastest growing airports in the world. The airport currently services over 120 airlines serving more than 200 destinations worldwide, and is considered the Middle East's premier airport. According to projections, 60 million passengers are expected to use Dubai International Airport by 2010.
Located adjacent to Dubai International Airport, and therefore within easy access of DAFZA, the Dubai Cargo Village is a state of art complex with the capability of handling 1.5 million tones of freight annually.
Dnata's Free Zone Logistics Centre (FLC), a dedicated freighter terminal for both scheduled and charter operators, is located in the Dubai Airport Free Zone. It offers flexible, cost-effective handling options, as well as an efficient link between the Free Zone community and Dubai's main cargo terminal in the Cargo Village. The FLC has been designated the DAFZ's community service provider to act as a conduit for cargo between the aircraft and their own storage areas.
The FLC is located on a 26,000 sqm site, which includes a docking area capable of handling up to 50 trucks. Some 200 sqm in the FLC is dedicated to specialised storage facilities including cooler, freezer, vulnerable and valuable storage rooms.
Incentives for investors at DAFZA include
• DAFZA’s location within the boundaries of Dubai International Airport
• Investors enjoy the facilities provided by the Dubai Cargo Village and the FLC Air Cargo Terminal
• Online customer service
• Investor-oriented management
• Environmentally-friendly activities and procedures are actively encouraged
• On-site customs inspection
• Companies at DAFZA can operate 24 hours a day
• Easy accessibility to DAFZA building and offices within
• Abundant and inexpensive energy
• Easy availability of inexpensive workforce
Office Units
DAFZA offers a wide range of high quality, free-sized offices, available for rent on an annual basis by advance payment. Investors are permitted to tailor their office units to their unique requirements, and to create an environment that reflects their company's identity or corporate branding. Every office unit offers central air-conditioning, with individual thermostat controls. Also, each office is equipped with a Fibre Optic Network for high-speed digital lines, UPS, Sprinkler System and an advanced Fire Detection System which is linked to the DAFZA Fire Control Room.
• Wall-to-wall windows
• Electricity, water and air-conditioning are provided free of charge
• Interiors of individual offices have to be insured by tenants
• Ample parking facilities are available for each Office Unit
• Security available 24 hours a day
• Rest-rooms are on each floor
• Cleaning services are provided by DAFZA, and included in the 10% service charge levied at the time of rental
• Curtains, carpets, fire-control system, data and telephone sockets are provided
• It is the tenant’s responsibility to install any private equipment and maintain the same in the office unit
Light Industrial Units
High-quality, thermally insulated and purpose-built units are available at DAFZA on an annual rental basis. For tenant convenience, offices are available on the ground and mezzanine floors of each unit. In addition, a ramped exit and an emergency exit are located in the rear of every Light Industrial Unit (LIU).
Flexibility of construction permits tenant’s use of the LIU as either a warehouse for storage or distribution, or as a factory for assembly and light production. If required, multiple units can be utilised to suit individual requirements.
• LIUs are located conveniently close to the airport apron
• Parking space for four cars is available in front of each LIU
• Round the clock access
• Two toilets are provided per unit
• Pantry is located in each unit
• Air-conditioning is provided in the office areas. Additional installation will be at the tenant’s expense
• Waste disposal will be undertaken by DAFZA
 Land Sites
If you wish to construct your own warehouse or factory, DAFZA offers plots of land on lease, in varying sizes. Prior to building, customers must obtain the required approvals (Building Permit) on design and other details from DAFZA's Technical Department, which is also responsible for regular inspection of construction procedures.
As part of our attempt to conform to environmental requirements, and in keeping with our policy of
promoting and encouraging environmentally sound technologies, DAFZA will ensure that factories or warehouses constructed within the facility comply with environmentally safe production procedures.
• Various locations and sizes. Plots next to airport apron are available.
• Round the clock access.
• Industrial disposal and construction disposal are the responsibility of the contractor/builder.
Other waste disposal will be taken care of by DAFZA.
• Tenant can allocate the required amount of parking before or during construction.
• Tenant is also responsible for general cleaning and maintenance, as well as the installation of
air-conditioning and insurance of the building
Staff Sponsorship
Investors have the freedom to choose their own staff. Upon finalisation, DAFZA will process visas, residence permits, health cards, medical reports, etc. DAFZA will also undertake to renew the health cards of employees every three years. A company will be allotted four (4) visas for every 50 square metres of space leased from DAFZA.
For Office Units – electricity, water and air-conditioning are included in the annual rent payable directly to DAFZA.
Online Accessibility: To make it easy to apply and to facilitate follow-up procedures, all transactions and communications can be carried out electronically at DAFZA, with minimum effort and maximum convenience. With DAFZA’s e-services system ‘Tas’heel’, all services are available online.

24-Hour Security Service: DAFZA offers Day & Night security services to all tenants. Manned by trained professional staff and supported by hi-tech equipment, no efforts are spared in offering the best in security services.

Housekeeping and Building Maintenance: DAFZA offers housekeeping services to all offices and public areas in the office building by friendly and well-trained staff with proper scheduling done at the tenant’s convenience. Moreover, DAFZA offers 24 hour maintenance services in the buildings and warehouse areas by professional maintenance teams that attend to emergencies as well.

Access to Support Services: In addition to superior logistics services provided by well known international companies like DHL, FedEx and Danzas, DAFZA customers can also utilise the cargo handling services of Dnata.

Relaxation Areas: DAFZA customers can access a superb food-court with a wide choice of restaurants and cafés featuring multi-cuisine food. Overlooking the apron of Dubai International Airport, this is a peaceful haven of relaxation.
Post and Telecommunications
Emirates Post has an office within the boundaries of DAFZA for investors’ convenience. All registration formalities for opening a post office box and receiving the mail will be completed by DAFZA staff including any support documentation that is required for the same.
Telecommunication services applications on behalf of tenants of DAFZA will be submitted on their behalf by the free zone administrative staff. Telephone, fax and Internet services are now provided only through DAFZA.
Other Services
DAFZA Online Electronic Services (Tas’heel): Available at
This service was especially developed to cater to the needs of DAFZA's customers for speeding up all types of services required by the customer, ranging from on-line processing of visa applications, residence visas, driver’s licences, health cards, ID cards, etc., and also for the renewal of these documents.
In addition, investors around the world who are interested in DAFZA may apply on-line and can also
have access to the website of any company at DAFZA.
Online Customs Procedures: (E-Mirsal)
All customers at DAFZA can benefit from the excellent services provided by the Customs Authority around the clock. This will enable customers to proceed online with customs documentation. For more information please visit:
Government Services – A representative offices of the Immigration Department is located within

Business Centre - DAFZA's Business & Conference facilities are located on the second floor of the DAFZA complex. The conference room, lecture hall and business lounge offer luxury, high technology and convenience, with the added bonus of panoramic views through wall-to-wall glass windows.
In addition to flexible seating arrangements, the facilities offer catering, which includes a choice of light refreshments or a more elaborate menu. The lecture hall and conference room feature the
latest audio-video equipment including a DVD player.
Conference Room
• Luxurious with seating for 30 people around a spacious conference table
• High quality accessories
• State-of-the-art projection system
• Stand-alone screen
• Video equipment
Lecture Room
• Seating for 70 people
• Large presentation screens and the latest in presentation equipment including Video, DVD
Player and CD Player
• Visualiser
• Flip charts
• Stationery, including marker pens
Business Lounge
• Fully furnished room
• Television & VCR set
• Snack corner
• Board Games
Banking Facilities
The following banks have branches at DAFZA:
National Bank of Dubai – Tel: +971 4 2995550
Noor Bank expected to open a branch in 2008

Other Facilities: Travel Agent, Car Rental, Pharmacy
Types of Trade Licences Available
Companies accepted for operation in DAFZA will be granted either an Industrial Licence, Trading
Licence or a Service Licence by the Free Zone Authority. Companies have the option of renewing their licences for a period of either one or three years. More than one licence can be obtained. If such company wishes to conduct business and sell its product within the UAE it may do so by appointment of a UAE official distributor or any other company holding a valid trade licence.
However, such a company can obtain the services or products from firms operating in the UAE by itself without the need of a go-between.
DAFZA does not grant General Trade Licences to companies under any circumstances.
Establishing a DAFZA-based company
Applying to Dubai Airport Free Zone is very easy and procedures are simple. There are a few documents you have to submit to a DAFZA sales executive in order for your company to be considered by the DAFZA Committee.
If you are a new company, you have two options for registering a legal entity or company in DAFZA:
1. Register the company as 'Free Zone Establishment' (FZE) with 1 single shareholder and a minimum share capital requirement of 1 million Dirhams* (US$ 272,183).
2. Register the company as a 'Free Zone Company' (FZCO) with 2-5 shareholders and a minimum share capital requirement of Dhs 500,000* (US$ 136,091).
*The share capital is not a fixed deposit.
3. If you are a branch, then you may establish in DAFZA as a branch of a UAE company or branch of an international company. In this case, there is no share capital requirement.
 Further information on rates that Dubai Airport Free Zone charges for providing various services can be found online at:
Documents Required for Registration
The following are the documents to submit for initial consideration by the DAFZA committee:
• Completed Application Form
• Company Investment Form
• Letter of Intent of the Proposed Company here in DAFZA (on company’s letterhead)
• A profile and brochure of the current company (website address if available)
• The Company’s current Annual Financial Report
The entire process outlined above can be done online at 
After you receive the initial approval from the DAFZA committee you will be given an approval letter with a period of one month to submit all of the legal documents required in order to receive a trade/service/industrial license and be registered as a company in DAFZA. For legal document requirements,

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