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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Management Lessons from ‘The Dirty Picture’


Let’s me first congratulate the team of ‘The Dirty Picture’ for bringing ‘Silk Smitha’ back on screen. A very bold attempt by Vidya Balan and her co-stars to make it completely watchable. 1980′s saw screaming headline in a southern film tabloid, ‘Only Smitha and Sex sell in south.’ There is lot to take away from the ‘Silk Smitha’ and ‘The Dirty Picture’. I discuss about four things everyone might be interested to take away from her character.

Selling: According to Robert Louis Stevenson, ‘Everyone lives by selling something.’ People are selling either a product, a service, a place, information, an idea, or themselves. The movie depicts her passion for acting, she knew her strengths. She was superstar, people screamed ‘Silk’ every time she came on screen. She had taken the rough route, selling is rough indeed. Salespeople must get used to being rejected. It’s quite common in Life Insurance companies, for every 10 calls a salesperson makes, he will only get to make a presentation to three or four, and if he got a good success rate, will make one sale. Silk unfortunately shrink from that kind of rejection. This resulted in decrease in her ability to ‘communicate value’ or ‘create value’ by helping the film makers and viewers.

Success and Failure: There is a saying, ‘Realization of her success, in fact,is the major cause of failure.’ According to Irvin Berlin, ‘The toughest thing about success is that you have got to keep in being success.’ It would be wrong to say ‘Silk failed.’ She should have probably believed in, ‘Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently’ – Henry Ford.

Value: Silk depicts the value she brought to every movie she acted. Everything she touched turned to silk and gold. She commanded a fee of 50K in 1980s per day for an appearance in a song sequence (According to Mr Guy). She created, delivered, and captured viewers. She is an example of competitively superior value proposition and a superior value-delivery person.

Zest: Zest is defined as hearty enjoyment, gusto, enthusiasm for life. Silk depicts her fun of creating new, better and more satisfying idea for viewers. She deserved to be most paid actor because she had zest for life

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