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Friday, April 15, 2011

Dubai Business

Dubai presents international business with a wide range of opportunities for different activities and operations, including:
Transport and distribution.
Manufacturing and processing.
Regional offices.
Dubai Market
As the leading regional trading hub, Dubai offers access to a market of outstanding potential for overseas companies in a wide range of sectors. Among its key characteristics are:
A large market – more than $17 billion in domestic imports annually; gateway to a $150 billion p.a., 1.4 billion population regional import market;
A growing market – Dubai’s imports have more than doubled since 1989; regional economic growth and liberalisation is set to boost demand;
A prosperous market – strategic location at the heart of one of the world’s richest regions;
A diversified market – wide import requirements; opportunities for suppliers of most products; An accessible market – served by more than 170 shipping lines and 86 airlines; An open market – no exchange controls, quotas or trade barriers.
Dubai Business Environment
Dubai offers incoming business all the advantages of a highly developed economy. Its infrastructure and services match the highest international standards, facilitating efficiency, quality and service. Among the benefits are:
Free enterprise system.
Highly developed transport infrastructure.
State-of-the-art telecommunications.
Sophisticated financial and services sector.
Top international exhibition and conference venue.
High quality office and residential accommodation.
Reliable power, utilities etc.
First class hotels, hospitals, schools, shop
Cost Of Setting Up
Business in Dubai
Overseas companies setting up in Dubai can secure cost advantages not generally available internationally. Among the reasons are:
No corporate taxes.
No income taxes.
No foreign exchange controls.
No trade barriers.
Competitive import duties (4% with many exemptions).
Competitive labour costs.
Competitive energy costs.
Competitive real estate costs.
Doing Business In Dubai
Dubai offers foreign companies a wide choice of business options, including:
Direct trade – selling directly to established dealers and distributors.
Commercial agency arrangements – appointee must be a UAE national or company; agreement to be registered with Ministry of Economy and Commerce.
Branch or representative office – 100% foreign ownership permitted; local agent (sponsor) must be appointed; Economic Development Department licence required.
Limited liability company – foreign ownership restricted to 49%; Economic Development Department licence required.
Special free zone investment incentives.
Dubai Special
Investment Zones
Dubai’s highly successful Jebel Ali Free Zone and new Airport Free Zone provide all the advantages available elsewhere in the emirate, with the following additional benefits:
100% foreign ownership and control.
Renewable 15-year guarantee of no taxation.
No customs duties.
Flexible investment options
Efficient transport and distribution facilities.
Full administrative and recruitmentsupport.
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