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Saturday, April 16, 2011

PRO Services in Dubai, Visa Services in Dubai

We are a UK company offering Corporate PRO services in Dubai. Our team of local staff assists various companies to save time and money in applying the visas and other legal documents from the Ministries in UAE.
Our Scope of Work
Visa Application
Documents Pick Up & Processing
Application typing
Drop Application for sponsor signature
Application submission for approval
Pay Bank Guarantee
Prepare applications for Medical
Labor Contract
Resident Visa Stamping
Pay Labor Fee (Online)
Apply for position amendment and pay fee
Collect Visa from MOL
Assist in Medical checkup (Staff accompanied with the candidate in the hospital)
Delivering documents for Sponsor’s Signature
Submission of documents to MOL for Final visa stamping
Deliver the passports with visa stamped.
2. Trade License Renewal *
3. Assisting in Police clearance and Accommodation Inspection
4. Post Box Collection
5. Consultation on legal affairs*
6. Providing online access to job status and work orders through our CRM

Please contact for any assistance regarding the same.
Kinds Regards
Faisal Ibrahim
SME Consultant

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Aksha S said...

Plusuae offers its professional services in tracking and clearing documents in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.