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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dubai Resident visa for trader / investor/ Visit Visa / Tourist Visa/ Employment visa/ Maid Visa

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obtain a UAE visit visa you’ll need evidence of medical insurance, and a 1000 dhs deposit (some nationalities may be exempt). Cost of visit visa will be 500 dhs in any emirate. Visit visa validity will be 30 days and cannot be renewed. UAE non-Emirati residents will no longer be able to sponsor friends, only spouse or first-degree relatives, although there was a report in Xpress 25 September 2008 that a DNRD official said residents on salaries greater than 10,000 dhs/month could sponsor friends for a visit visa.

GCC residents might be able to obtain a visit visa for 100 dhs, with 500 dhs fee for one renewal. GCC nationals might be able to bring visitors with them under the same conditions, except renewal fee is only 200 dhs.

Visit Visa for 60 days – free for some nationalities

The new visa rules in June 2008 continued the free UAE visas on arrival for some nationalities but length of stay was randomly 30 days or 60 days until January 2009 when the period was set to 30 days, even if the stamp said 60 days.

Visit Visa for 90 days

Same conditions as 30 day visa but cost is 1000 dhs.

Other visit visas (all need 1000 dhs deposit)

Student visit visa UAE costs 1000 dhs, valid 60 days, person must be registered at a UAE university (for students coming to enrol in short course – long-term students should already have a residence visa). Can be renewed twice for 500 dhs.
Conference or Exhibition Visit Visa costs 100 dhs, valid for 30 days. Not renewable.
Medical Visit Visa costs 1000 dhs, valid 90 days, renewable for another 90 days for 500 dhs.
Tourist Visa

Valid for 30 days, costs 100 dhs + 10 dhs delivery fee, can only be obtained by hotels or tour operators. A deposit of 1000 dhs is needed. Can be renewed once.

Multi entry visa valid 180 days (or 6 months)

See the Dubai multiple entry visa information. Length of stay is 14 days per visit. Anyone can apply?
Other types of visas

Investor Visa for expats who invest a minimum of AED 70,000 share capital in a business partnership with a UAE national. Valid for 3 years, visa fee is 300 dhs.
Mission Visa (for temporary work in the UAE). Valid 90 days, costs 200 dhs, not renewable. Note that 90 days is not the same as 3 months. Other reports are saying the Mission Visa is valid 90 days for 600 dhs, can be renewed once for another 90 days with renewal fee 1200 dhs, but that may be old information, or conflicting information.
Parent Visa (name might not be correct). UAE residents can sponsor parents for 1 year renewable (need special permission from the FNRD). Refundable deposit of 5000 dhs (per parent) and visa fees 100 dhs.
Transit Visa costs 100 dhs, valid 96 hours (or 14 days according to some reports). Only issued if evidence of outbound flight shown.
UAE Embassies and Consulates can issue free visit visas if you’re important enough.

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